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X Communications & Media Executives Yearly Summit
«Corporate communications & media: leading practices & world trends»

November, 2015

 Invitation for participation!

The Russian Association of Communications and Corporate Media Executives (AKMR) will conduct X Communications & Media Executives Yearly Summit «Corporate communications & media: leading practices & world trends».

The Summit’s goal is to provide its participants with information on the latest approaches, technologies and practices in internal and external corporate communications and corporate media, print and electronic media, cross-cultural communications, to suggest KPI measurement standards and demonstrate advantages of interactive approach to creating and managing communication partners’ networks on practical examples.

AKMR invites you to participate in the Summit’s meetings with CEO and communication heads of global international companies. Summit’s agenda includes visits to companies’ offices, interactive presentation, round tables, excursions and meetings with companies top management Hong Kong and Singapore.

Main industries: banking & finance, extraction and manufacturing companies, media, automotive, telecommunications, investments and insurance, internet, retail, healthcare, agriculture, food, realty, executive search, etc.


  • Marketing executives and managers, external & corporate relations managers, public relations managers of the leading Russian and international companies.
  • Representatives of leading Russian and international media.
  • VPs on external and investors relations.
  • Heads of corporate media.


  • 3-5 visits to local companies  a day to build effective professional discussions
  • Establishing effective personal relations with top executives of leading companies and media.
  • Total number of participants: 15-20 people.

We invite you to participate in the summit!

Please contact AKMR for additional details.


The Russian Association of communications and corporate media executives, «Media news» magazine

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