Special project put on by the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing (AKMR) - the 8th Annual Summit of Communications and Media Executives entitled «Corporate Communications and Media: Best Practices and Global Trends» that will take place on November 9–16, 2013 in San Francisco (USA).

The association has already organized seven summits. The first was held in London in November of 2006 and was attended by top communications managers from major Russian companies and heads of media organizations. The second summit took place in November of 2007 in New York and Atlanta (USA), the third - in November of 2008 in Brussels (Belgium), Strasbourg(France) and Munich (Germany), the fourth - in October of 2009 in Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto (Japan), the fifth - in October of 2010 in Beijing, and Shanghai (China),the sixth - in 2011 in Zurich (Switzerland) and Paris (France). The 2012 Summit was held in Belgium (Brussels) and Netherlands (Amsterdam). It is always an important event for the Russian communications and business community.

One of the unique elements of the summit’s program is the opportunity for participants to meet with top-managers in communications from leading US companies. The summit gives you a chance to introduce your company to foreign colleagues and to compare viewpoints in a professional discussion. We have departed from the traditional presentation format that is common for large conferences. Instead, we engage in dialogue within a narrow circle of carefully selected high-level participants. The summit’s participants will discuss the latest corporate strategic trends, advances in communications, corporate media channels, and progressive tendencies in business-media collaboration. Participants will get acquainted with the experience of colleagues from Russia and the USA and receive feedback from transnational companies working in these markets.

The annual summit is widely covered in the Russian media. We have about 30 partners among Russian news and professional resources that provide information support to our summit.

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